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Hi and thanks for taking a peek at our blog over the past few years. We hope you’ve been both entertained and informed with our notes about developments in food and grocery markets. Covid-19 will continue to transform the nature of global food business accelerating some trends we’ve often discussed (e.g. on health & well-being, online shopping, sustainability) and decelerating others (e.g. for the moment, we’re more plastic positive for food safety reasons!). 

The future shape and dynamics of the food industry, as ever, are unsure but it’s vitally important to keep up with consumer trends and industry developments to be the first to respond to business challenges and opportunities. We think we can help you here. We are launching “Dr. Food Weekly Food Business Insights”, a weekly information package of emerging global news “nuggets”, all wrapped up with a video where David joins the dots and explains the implications these developments have for food businesses. This punchy post will take you 15 minutes per week to consume while you’re drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

What’s the weekly cost of “Dr. Food Weekly Food Business Insights”?? Same as your cuppa (drink): less than £3/week – for billing purposes, £12/€13/$15 per month. You will have to key in your payment details when you register. Nothing will be charged during the first 30 days, when you can read each of the weekly insights and see the videos. If you like what we are doing, just keep going and we’ll invoice you monthly. Otherwise, tell us to stop and we’ll do exactly that!

We have partnered with Agribusiness Academy, a leading organisation for Online Learning that gives us access to their excellent learning platform. This makes it easier for you to link with our Insights wherever you are in the world, and whenever is convenient for you. 

David explains this in the above video. If you like the idea, do go to http://agribusiness.academy/drfood and register in order to enjoy 4 weeks for free. Then, we hope you’ll sign up for as long as you feel we are delivering value for money! 

We are continuing with our supermarketsinyourpocket blog. Expect to see posts here from time to time, with our unpredictable regularity. Thanks again for spending time with us so far. Stay safe and keep washing your hands and masking up!


David and Miguel.


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Dr. Food Weekly Food Business Insights
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Prof David Hughes: Around the world, David speaks to senior agribusiness and food industry managers about global food industry developments that are and will affect their businesses and industry. Energetic, engaging, humorous and insightful, David gains the very highest evaluations at seminars, conferences and Board level discussions in every continent he visits. Miguel Flavián: works for several Spanish organisations and companies to help them to learn from the developments of the British grocery market and improve their business back home.
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